January 2017.

First post of the year ((sort of))!!

Eventhough its the new year, theres nothing new about what I facing now. To be honest life is pretty plain now. Maybe life has always been plain but I’ve fail to see it as that. Because i’m a dreamer and I like to dream up of stories to make my boring life seem interesting.

For the month of January I feel like I’ve lost something. I don’t know what I lost but I’ve lost something for sure. Still trying to figure out if I lost something physical or metaphorically. I just feel so empty now.

Two words to describe January

  1. Plain
  2. Missing

Maybe I feel like this because I had two weeks off and spent majority of the time indoors asleep. Oh and classes just started and I swear this semester is all about figuring out all your assignments on your own.

Sounds about right HAHA

Don’t worry, I don’t overdramatise everything I’m going through. Man life is really dull right now. I love how simple it is but still… I should have join more clubs. Well got nothing else to say about the month.



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