Dear Future Husband #1



I wish you all the luck in the world for the rest of your life. Even I can’t handle my own thoughts. Thus me creating this blogish rant space. Anyways here are some things you should know about ‘university’ me. Just in case I have changed over the years, this might help you imagine the younger version of the person you are now trapped with. Yes, trapped with.Unless, you are already in my life now by now. HAHAHA oh gosh. awkward. WHO ARE YOU.

  1. There are days where I believe I am defiantly tone deaf.
  2.  I can play the ukulele. ((self taught and PROUD))
  3. I actually really like my room. ((First year hall m8))
  4.  Digi Mondays are ze best.
  5. I am such a cringy person in my own eyes. urgh.

I wonder who you are. I wonder how we met. I wonder how long we’ve know each other. I wonder what is your favourite colour.

I wonder if I still have the bad habit of asking questions like ‘why me’ over and over again because I am just that insecure and annoying that way. HAHAHA. soz.



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