September. 2016

Turning to the next page in a book is easy.

If we could turn to the next page of our life, where is was already written and planned. Thought through and interesting, filled with adventures and dreams, problems with answers. And an ending the reader doesn’t have to read.

But instead, we have to go out and make the next chapters of our lives interesting. We cant sit and wait for the next adventure to knock on our door.

Get up, plan and go.

Think of the impossible and dare yourself to achieve it. The harder or more challenging the journey the more satisfying and unbelievable the feeling will be when you reach your goal.

Trust me.


Today marks one month that I have come to UK for my studies. It’s been great given the fact I have made friends  whom come from all parts of England and other parts of the world. Not going to lie, it was rocky at first. Not knowing what to say or how people over here do things. Even explaining to people where I came from was hard. There was no room to be shy.

If you wanted to make friends you would have to go up yo people and just talk. But don’t ever feel oblige to just be friends with the person if you don’t think/feel like you guys are compatible.


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