November. 2016.

Great, what was meant to be a monthly write up update of life isn’t really going according to plan. Then again does anything ever go according to plan? Okay I’ll stop using that “I’m busy” card because lets be real, if i actually wrote (typed) out my thoughts and worries I probably wouldn’t have so much junk to think about in my head. Plus I might write something really good and get quoted by some teenagers on their twitter account because #canrelate OR even better I could get cited by a university student for their position paper. Ah yes, my life goal is to be cited by some people who have no idea who I am personally. #lifegoals

Three months on this adventure and I am seriously loving it. New breath of fresh air. Learning new things and meeting different types of people on this planet. Yes, hipster indie films about young adults finding their way in this awkward yet dull world is pretty accurate.

3 things :

  1. I believe in the power of blue eyes now.
  2. The word “Mall” is American and the term “Shopping Mall” is completely wrong in every form.
  3. Curling your hair with a straightener is not that hard.

Trying to think of what great advice I could give someone who is thinking of going abroad to study and shocker : I have none. Just don’t think too much about it (not going to lie, I overthought so much when I was applying) and send in your results and apply and if you get the offer letter great! If the terms and conditions don’t seem impossible to do by all means go ahead and do it and before you know it you’ll be booking your flight for the semester. HAHA I wrote that as if it was the easiest thing to do (apply for university abroad). Trust me I know the pain and worries. Don’t feel like talking about all this here. Maybe in my Rant #3 thingy I will.

I honestly miss writing fiction essays in english class back in secondary school. I think that was how I controlled my imagination. struggles

End note : I probably wont get cited by a university student for their research paper because I am writing on a blog site. And if I do get cited, please stop. Blogs are not good resources for your research. I could go in depth about good research materials (actually did a project on this topic in university!) spoiler.



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