Afternoon Conversations. #2

Look around and remember what you see. Remember how everything looks like, the position  of the room, the colour of the walls, the smell when you enter the room. Remember the texture of your jumper and remember the number of steps down the stairs.

Because one day none of this will be yours again. This moment will pass and this part of your life will be over. You wont remember any of these smaller details even if you say you will. In this moment whatever you feel will never feel the same again.

One day this reality will become a dream.

Everyone talks about turning your dream into reality but why hasn’t anyone mention the thing that actually happens, where your reality becomes a dream, or sometimes a nightmare.

But hey you lived through it.

Kudos to you.

Maybe dream isn’t the right word to describe it. Since there is an actual english word to this phenomenon. Memories

See I think memories are the cruelest part of being human.

You can think back to a great memory when your sad but you cant exactly  feel the ‘happy’ you felt in that moment. What is the point then?  It sounds like having half an ice cream cone to yourself.

I guess a good way to rebut that argument is we wont ever have endure the tragic feeling of sadness again if we think back to that moment when someone important in your life leaves.

In all fairness, there are the pros and cons of memories with no actual feelings attached.

I read somewhere (wow great referencing), that if you think hard enough and imagine a situation multiple times in your head  your mind would confuse itself into thinking it really happened.

Doesn’t that just prove that you cant trust anyone. I mean even your own mind can fool you. What a great time to be alive.



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