Afternoon Conversations. #1

Some people take years to grow up,

Some only take a moment.

How amazing is it that someone you have not even met yet will love you so unconditionally with all your flaws and that someone isn’t even on this world yet maybe.

How lucky am I to be given this chance see and experience this world.

Yes it’s not prefect but it’s how you see the world that matters.

Let’s talk about some people in our lives. Our parents.

Have you even thought about how (let’s say your 18) you’ve known your parents for 18 years which is your whole life (duh) but they only knew you for 18 years of their life. They lived in a world before you. I guess thats where the idea of ‘you could be someone else’s whole life’ came from.

Think further. Think of your grandparents. Three generations.

My grandfather only knew me for 18 years of his 67 years. He live 49 years without me and I only now finding out of the things he has done in those 49 years before me. He knew more people longer then he knew me but I know he loved me and thats great.

It’s great how love works in different ways.

Love knows no age or time.



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